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Distro and trading :

Wholesale :

if you are a store or a distributor we will glad to deal direct wholesale at
a discount rate of 7 / $ 7 per CD with you paying the shipping.

If you want to buy records in quantity to distribute in your area get in touch and we will give you
the wholesale rates. For most smaller distributors it is a huge waste of time for us to
weigh your order and send you a quote for shipping. So we have figured out of bulk prices will maximize the shipping costs

CDs : 12 for 88 / 22 for 162 / 53 for 390

For you foreigners ( Usa, Japan, Australia, Asia...) here are some post paid prices that minimize the shipping cost.

CDs : 7 for $ 60/ 11 for $ 94/ 16 for $137/ 50 for $ 427

Trading : All trade are welcome but write in first.